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Super Balance Neck & Shoulder Relaxer Pillow | Neck Massage Relaxer

Super Balance Neck & Shoulder Relaxer Pillow | Neck Massage Relaxer

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  • C SHAPED NECK TRACTION DEVICE : By stretching the cervical area with deep pressure of the bar shape massager ,  Super Balance’s Neck & Shoulder Relaxer Pillow provides gentle neck traction, which stimulates the MUSCLE TENSION , helps relieve the NECK PAIN, NECK STRAIN, NECK TENSION, HEADACHES and increases blood flow and circulation.

  • NECK & SHOULDER RELAXER WITH MULTIPLE MASSAGE POINTS : Multiple massage points target the areas in the neck and lower head, simulating finger massage. Effectively helps you massage the exact part of the neck like a real hand, relax the muscles, relieve neck stiffness, help reduce the pressure on the cervical spine.

  • YOUR CHIROPRACTOR COMPANION : With V Sharp Curvature + Memory Foam, floods your neck area with oxygen rich blood, providing you long-lasting relief from neck pain.

  • POSTURE PILLOW : By using it daily, ease the cervical neck pain away. With consistent use, help restore the natural curvature of the neck and upper spine.

  • QUALITY DESIGN : Environmentally safe polyurethane resin that is built to last.

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