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Roposo Clout

Security Alarm (Pack of 2)

Security Alarm (Pack of 2)

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Product Name: Security Alarm Package Contain: Pack of 2 Material: Plastic Weight: 40

Introducing our cutting-edge Dual Function Door Stop Alarm - Your Ultimate Security Solution!

Product Highlights:

  • Versatile Protection: Enjoy the benefits of a Door Stopper with Alarm, providing dual functionality for heightened security.
  • Advanced Rubber Bearing: The High Damping Rubber Bearing prevents unwanted door sliding, ensuring your safety.
  • Unyielding Security: Safeguard against unauthorized access with the ability to Prevent Door Sliding.
  • Enhanced Door Protection: Elevate your security with the Door Security Protector, defending your space with confidence.
  • Comprehensive Security: Ideal for both Home and Travel Security, ensuring safety wherever you go.
  • Powerful 120dB Alarm: Deter intruders with a Loud Alarm 120dB, sending a clear signal of potential threat.
  • Long-lasting Reliability: Benefit from Year-Long Practical Use, with a single piece lasting under normal conditions.
  • Customized Sensitivity: Choose from 3 Sensitivity Levels for tailored security, adjusting to your needs.
  • Effortless Usage: Experience the ease of an Easy to Use Door Alarm, requiring no complicated installation.
  • Installation-Free Convenience: Embrace a No Installation Alarm for hassle-free security enhancement.
  • On-the-Go Safety: Secure your travels with a Travel Security Alarm, your must-have companion.
  • Ultimate Security Essential: Elevate your protection with a Must-Have Security Device, your ultimate defense.
  • Smart and Practical: Enjoy a Smart Design Door Alarm featuring a magnetic strip for seamless functionality.
  • Optimized Security: Our Magnetic Strip Alarm enhances door protection with intelligent separation.
  • Accident Prevention: Safeguard your loved ones with measures to Prevent Accidents, securing cabinets and more.
  • Child and Family Safety: Ensure security with Child Safety Cabinet Locks, while our solution extends to Above Ground Pool Safety.
  • Constant Vigilance: Monitor with confidence using our Wandering Monitoring Device, an essential for peace of mind.

Elevate your security strategy with our comprehensive Dual Function Door Stop Alarm. Experience peace of mind like never before

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