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Panchmukhi Water Sensor Diya | Led Water Sensor Diya - 5 in 1

Panchmukhi Water Sensor Diya | Led Water Sensor Diya - 5 in 1

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Product Name: Panchmukhi Water Sensor Diya | Led Water Sensor Diya - 5 in 1

Package Contains: 1 Piece Of Diya , Material: Others, Color: Color as per availability, LxWxH: 10 x 10 x 12, Weight: 300 gms

  • Discover the magic of "Water Sensor Diya" with our innovative LED Diya lights that use cutting-edge water sensor technology to create the ambiance of five traditional Diyas in one product.
  • Celebrate Diwali with our "Eco-Friendly Diwali Diyas," which are not only cost-effective but also designed to be safe, wind-resistant, and fireproof, eliminating the need for oil and electricity.
  • Introducing our "Panchmukhi Diya," a unique five-in-one Diya that combines the charm of traditional Diyas with modern technology, featuring warm yellow LED lights in a petal-like arrangement.
  • Enhance your Diwali decorations with our "Festive LED Lights," a perfect addition to your Diwali home decor. These eco-friendly LED Diyas create a safe and vibrant lighting solution for your Pooja room and home.
  • Experience the beauty of "Lotus Diya Lights" powered by water sensor technology, ensuring safety and eliminating the risk of fire hazards. These water-activated LED candles are perfect for lighting up your home, indoors or outdoors.
  • Made in India, our "Water-Activated Diya" provides over 10 hours of LED lighting, making it a versatile and cost-effective choice for your home, office, festivals, and Pooja ceremonies.
  • Say goodbye to traditional oil Diyas and discover "Safe Diwali Diyas" that are safe for kids and adults, free from oil, and designed to add aesthetic appeal to your celebrations.
  • Create an eco-friendly Diwali lighting solution with our "Eco-Friendly Festive Lights" that are powered by three AAA batteries and easily replaceable. Avoid the hassle of battery replacement with our user-friendly design.
  • Illuminate your Pooja room with "Pooja Room LED Lights" that are as original as traditional Diyas, giving off a smokeless and pollution-free glow. These water-activated LED Diyas are the perfect choice for a smokeless and eco-friendly Diwali celebration.
  • Incorporate "Water Sensor Technology" into your Diwali decor with our innovative water-activated LED candles, offering a unique and vibrant lighting solution.

Transform your Diwali celebrations with "Cost-Effective LED Diyas" that eliminate the need for oil or electricity, ensuring a safe and pollution-free experience.

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