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Mini Plastic Vegetable & Fruit Chopper (450ml)

Mini Plastic Vegetable & Fruit Chopper (450ml)

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Product Name: Mini Plastic Vegetable & Fruit Chopper (450ml) Package Contains: It has 1 Pieces of Chopper Material: Plastic Color: As per availability Combo/ Set Of: Pack of 1 Weight: 400 gms

  • Introducing our high-quality Multi Purpose Chopper and Slicer, the perfect kitchen gadget to simplify your food preparation! Made from 100% food-grade plastic that is BPA-free, this chopper ensures safety and durability. The imported spring action mechanism allows for effortless pulling, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • With its three sharp stainless steel blades, this chopper effortlessly cuts through a variety of ingredients, including onions, garlic, tomatoes, vegetables, salads, herbs, fruits, boneless meat, and nuts. The size of the cuts can be easily adjusted by controlling the number of pulls. Its ideal 350ml capacity makes it compact for convenient use and storage.
  • The chopper features an anti-skid base, providing stability on smooth surfaces like glass tops, granite, and polished wood. It also comes with a locking mechanism, preventing any spillage and ensuring safety during use. Cleaning is a breeze as the chopper can be easily opened and detached. Simply use lukewarm water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth for quick maintenance. It is also dishwasher safe.
  • Made from unbreakable ABS plastic, this chopper guarantees long-lasting use. It requires no electricity, making it eco-friendly and easy to use anywhere. The sturdy three-blade design, crafted from stainless steel, effortlessly chops vegetables and fruits with ease. The chopper's sleek design adds a stylish touch to any kitchen.
  • Our multi-functional chopper and slicer by Ganesh saves you time and improves your health. With its efficient design, it reduces prep time to just a couple of minutes, making it easier to incorporate more vegetables into your meals. Say goodbye to unhealthy options!
  • Maintaining cleanliness is hassle-free, as the chopper can be easily opened and washed with water. Its versatility makes it perfect for slicing vegetables, chopping nuts, making salsa, hummus, guacamole, and more. The manual operation allows you to achieve the desired consistency by spinning a few times for large chunks or more for smaller ones.
  • Not just a food chopper, our all-in-one kitchen tool provides various functions. You can achieve any consistency you desire, from large chunks to purees. The clear bowl allows you to monitor the chopping process, while the sealed chamber contains odors and messes.
  • Crafted from ABS Green PC unbreakable plastic, this chopper guarantees long-lasting use. It's a versatile tool for slicing vegetables, chopping nuts, preparing herbs, whipping eggs for omelets, shredding cheese, and more. The manual operation allows you to achieve your desired consistency by spinning the chopper.
  • Whip up batches of pesto, hummus, salsa, guacamole, and more with ease using our chopper. The included sealing storage lid keeps your ingredients fresh and conveniently stored. Make vegetable preparation fun and easy with our reliable chopper.
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