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Roposo Clout

Fruit Shape Ice Tray

Fruit Shape Ice Tray

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Product Name: Fruit Shape Ice Tray Package Contains: 1 Fruit Ice Tray, Material: Rubber, Color: Colour as per availability LxWxH: 18*15*10, Weight: 100 gms

    Introducing Our Fruit Shape Ice Tray Collection - Elevate Your Ice Game!

    • Convenience meets quality. Our silicone ice cube tray is dishwasher-safe, making clean-up a breeze.
    • Freezer-Safe and Easy Release: Designed for your convenience, our freezer-safe ice tray ensures easy release of ice cubes, every time.
    • Novelty Fruit-Themed Ice Tray: Add a touch of creativity to your drinks with our novelty fruit-themed ice tray. Impress your guests!
    • Vibrantly Colorful Ice Cube Tray: Make your ice cubes exciting with our colorful ice cube tray. Elevate your beverage presentation!
    • Unique Ice Cube Shapes for Every Occasion: Our ice cube tray offers unique shapes that are perfect for all occasions, from parties to quiet evenings.
    • Ideal for Parties and Beverages: Whether it's a party or a relaxing drink, our ice tray is your go-to solution for perfectly shaped ice.
    • Maximize Your Ice Tray Benefits: Discover the benefits of our ice cube tray - from easy ice release to exceptional durability.
    • Effortless Ice Tray Cleaning Tips: Keeping your ice tray clean is simple with our easy-to-follow cleaning tips. Enjoy hassle-free maintenance!

    Experience the future of ice-making with our exceptional fruit-shaped ice tray collection. Shop now and redefine your ice cube game!

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