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Feet Corn Removal Serum -30 ml

Feet Corn Removal Serum -30 ml

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Product Name: Feet Corn Removal Serum -30 ml

Package Contains: It has 1 Pack Corn Removal Serum Composition: Saffron, Ginger, Sophora Product Quantity: 30ml Weight: 100

  • Introducing our powerful solution for skin problems and foot-related issues! Our product is designed to solve a wide range of skin problems, including foot corn, skin tags, and warts. Here are some key features:

  • Quick and proven results: Our product completely eliminates most warts and corns within two weeks of regular use, making it a powerful remedy against common plantar warts, corns, callus, papilloma, and skin tags.

  • Safe and gentle: Our formula is made with high-quality essential oils and highly potent ingredients that safely and painlessly remove warts and corns. It contains herbal extracts such as Impatiens, Sophora flavescens, Cnidium, Stemona, etc., which can remove warts and corns safely and painlessly.

  • Easy to use: Simply apply the gel directly to the affected area at least once a day to allow it to be completely absorbed into the skin. Dark and tender skin may appear on the application area, which will return to normal after recovery. This helps restore your pink, smooth skin.

  • Wide scope of application: Our product penetrates deep to effectively remove problem areas of the skin, including corns on feet, foot corns, corns on legs, and calluses on the feet. However, please note that this product is only suitable for use on hands, feet, and limbs, and is not recommended for other parts of the body.
  • Say goodbye to foot corns and other skin problems with our product. Order now and enjoy quick, painless relief from your skin problems!


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