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3 in 1 Rechargeable Self Defence Safety Taser Baton Shock

3 in 1 Rechargeable Self Defence Safety Taser Baton Shock

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Product Name: 3 in-1 Rechargeable Defence Safety Taser Baton Shock (Stun Gun + LED Flashlight+ Laser light) Torch (Black, 19, Rechargeable) Package Contains: 1 Torch, Material: Other, Color: Colour as per availability LxWxH: 8*7*12, Weight: 400 gms

Introducing our groundbreaking product: the 3 in-1 Rechargeable Defence Safety Taser Baton Shock Torch (Black, 19, Rechargeable). This versatile tool combines the power of a self-defense flashlight and a stun gun, offering unmatched personal security.

  • Self-defense flashlight: Experience ultimate protection with our innovative self-defense flashlight. It's not just a light; it's your safety shield.
  • Stun gun flashlight: Our stun gun flashlight is designed to keep you safe. It combines the practicality of a flashlight with the power to immobilize potential threats.
  • Rechargeable taser torch: Stay prepared with our rechargeable taser torch. A reliable companion that keeps you safe and ready at all times.
  • LED flashlight with stun gun: Illuminate your surroundings and deter danger with the combined strength of an LED flashlight and a stun gun.
  • Multifunction self-defense tool: Experience the convenience of a multifunction self-defense tool that incorporates cutting-edge features for your safety.
  • Tactical flashlight with laser: Navigate any situation confidently with our tactical flashlight featuring a laser for pinpoint precision.
  • 3-in-1 safety torch: Elevate your safety with our 3-in-1 safety torch - a flashlight, stun gun, and laser all in one.
  • High voltage stun gun: Unleash high voltage protection with our stun gun, ensuring your safety in critical moments.
  • Personal protection flashlight: Take charge of your personal safety with our advanced protection flashlight.
  • Emergency self-defense device: When emergencies strike, be armed with our self-defense device that's ready to thwart potential threats.
  • Concealed stun gun torch: Stay discreetly protected with our concealed stun gun torch - your secret weapon against danger.
  • Rechargeable shock flashlight: Recharge and stay secured with our shock flashlight that guarantees unwavering safety.
  • Flashlight with attention-grabbing spark: Command attention and deter assailants with our flashlight's attention-grabbing spark.
  • Tactical torch with loud sound: Equip yourself with a tactical torch emitting a loud sound for added security in any situation.
  • Camping and hiking safety tool: Explore the great outdoors with confidence, knowing you have a reliable safety tool for camping and hiking.
  • Personal security flashlight: Elevate your personal security with a flashlight that doubles as a powerful self-defense instrument.
  • 1000kv volt flashlight: Discover unprecedented protection with a 1000kv volt flashlight that leaves potential threats powerless.
  • Self-defense equipment: Arm yourself with the ultimate self-defense equipment that guarantees your safety.
  • Portable stun gun torch: Experience portable security like never before with our stun gun torch, ensuring safety on the go.

Choose the product that aligns with your safety needs. Our 3 in-1 Rechargeable Defence Safety Taser Baton Shock Torch offers unparalleled peace of mind in a single, sleek package.

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