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Humidifier Purifier Mini Cooler

Humidifier Purifier Mini Cooler

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Product Name - Mini Air Conditioner Air Cooler Package Contain - Pack of 1 Colour - multicolor Components included - Instruction Manual Product Measurement - 15D x 12W x 10H centimeters Weight: 787gm

  • Introducing our Portable Air Conditioner and Air Cooler, the ultimate solution for efficient cooling and comfort. With its multifunctional design, it acts as a portable air conditioner, air cooler, and humidifier all in one.

  • Experience the power of evaporative cooling technology as it quickly cools the air, providing you with a refreshing breeze in any room. This compact and easy-to-use unit is perfect for anyone looking to beat the heat while saving energy.

  • Say goodbye to traditional air conditioners and embrace our environmentally friendly solution that saves up to 90% electricity. The portable AC unit is equipped with a humidifier function, ensuring the air stays moisturized and fresh.

  • Its lightweight and portable design make it convenient for use anywhere in your home or office. With adjustable wind speeds and LED lights, you can customize your cooling experience and create a relaxing ambiance. Choose the best portable air conditioner and humidifier for your needs and enjoy the benefits of cool mist and purified air. Don't miss out on this mini AC that provides the perfect balance of functionality and affordability. Upgrade your comfort with our top-rated portable aircon and enjoy the cool breeze wherever you go.

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