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Fix It! Pro Clear Coat Applicator And Scratch Remover (Pack of 2)

Fix It! Pro Clear Coat Applicator And Scratch Remover (Pack of 2)

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Product Name- UV Sunlight Activated Clear Coat Scratch Remover Pen Package Contains: 1 Piece of Scratch Remover Pen Material: Plastic Color: Colour as per availability weight: 400gm

Introducing our high-quality Scratch Remover Pen, a must-have for car enthusiasts and drivers seeking a quick and efficient solution to clear coat scratch repair. With our UV Sunlight Activated formula, you can easily restore the pristine appearance of your car or motorbike without breaking the bank.


  • Designed to remove scratches, minor dents, and paint imperfections.
  • Ideal for car scratch repair, motorbike scratch repair, and general paint repair needs.
  • Provides a permanent solution with non-toxic, odorless, and water-resistant properties.
  • Portable and easy to use with a simple three-step application process.
  • Versatile and suitable for any car or motorbike, regardless of the color.
  • Each package contains one Scratch Remover Pen made from durable plastic.
  • Includes a spare tip for added convenience.


  • Say goodbye to unsightly scratches and restore your vehicle's paint finish.
  • Save time and money by avoiding costly professional repairs.
  • Effortlessly remove light scratches and imperfections from your car's clear coat.
  • Achieve professional results by following three easy steps: apply, buff, and wipe away.
  • The UV Sunlight Activated formula ensures a permanent repair that lasts.
  • Suitable for DIY enthusiasts and car owners who value convenience and quality.
  • Restore the original shine and beauty of your vehicle effortlessly.

In addition to offering a reliable solution for scratch repair, we also provide valuable services such as car paint repair near you and scratch repair assistance. Our product has been designed to fix deep scratches, buff out scratches on the car's surface, and remove paint scratches effectively. Don't let minor dents and scratches ruin your vehicle's appearance—trust our Scratch Remover Pen to give you a flawless finish every time.


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